On  Oie Voaldyn (May Day Eve) we welcome the return of summer after the long dark winter months - join us as we follow the  traditions of the past.

Starting at midday and lasting well into the night, the Oie Voaldyn Manx May Fire Festival is a day of remembering and retelling old Manx and Norse customs.

Music, dancing and activities throughout the day, the main evening event begins at 9pm.

Huge gorse fires will be lit on the hills to signal the start of the proceedings - look to the distance as the spectacular torchlight processions make their way to the shore.

See the Summer and Winter Queens, their champions, and their loyal supporters gather en mass by the seashore to make their demands.  Cheer on your favourite champion as summer challenges winter for supremacy. 

After a dramatic and fiery exchange, the vanquished queen and her company will be welcomed to join the celebration of the victors. 

We take a moment or two of quiet reflection then as the livestock is cleansed in the smoke of the fires,  blessings are given and hopefully the spirits are appeased for another year. 

Now it's time to party! Joyful merriment ensues with fire spinners, fire poi and an amazing firework display. 

With dramatic and emotive music, dancing, drumming, singing and lots of fire, this magnificent Son et Lumiere plays out on the shore against the glorious and very special back drop of Peel Castle and Peel Hill. 

For more information about Oie Voaldyn customs from Culture Vannin, click the link below.